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Rock Climbing

There are numerous climbing crags is the area, however the most accessible for us

is San Bartolo near Tarifa about a 40 minute drive from Gibraltar. This activity is

designed for beginners and those with little or no experience rock climbing.

(Although we can arrange sessions at any level with prior notice). This is the

best way to find out if climbing is the sport for you or as a one off experience

which will improve confidence and trust. During the day we will cover the

basics including what you need to know to top rope safely. We will cover:

           Equipment and Safety

           Tying on and Belaying

           Basic Movement

           Holding Falls and Effective Communication

​All technical climbing equipment will be provided by me (less climbing shoes). 

You need to bring, comfortable running shoes or walking boots and comfortable 

clothes, you might also want to bring a pack lunch and water is a must. I do

reserve the right to postpone any activity in the interest of safety and inclement

weather conditions.

Difficulty - With over 300 bolted climbs the difficulty and be tailored to the group

from very easy to extreme. So anyone with an average fitness level and a head for

heights will be able to do this activity.

Fitness - Anyone who is mobile and with average fitness can take part

Numbers & Cost - Min 4 - Max 8. Group of 4 Please contact In2Adventures for

updated cost..

​For those that want to get in to rock climbing I can offer a multi day course to get you ready to indipendatly climb sport routes, visiting different crags and techniques to ensure that you use best practice.